Who we are


It is no coincidence that Fellini chose the Bar Commerce for its Amarcord, facing right on Piazza Ferrari, where the city was born in the days when you could not even yearn for its expansion seaside. It took two decades to unearth ancient remains. Bar Commerce is always there to ensure a comfortable return to the future, outside the museum but behind it, without forgetting the traditions. Open already in the early morning but when they start to light up the lamps of the square, before dinner, show the best of themselves.

June 2014 ... 140 YEARS TOGETHER


The local has been awarded the title BAR OF ITALY 2011 sect. appetizers for the innovative idea of making aperitif advising combinations with the best wines of Italy and France. Today the family is composed four elements among which we can find two Espresso Specialist (figure that guarantees the quality of the coffee and its by-products) and two Sommelier.


Tea, Infusion and Herbal tea

confident than ever that the quality of the packaged product is significantly lower than that of the fresh product, we serve tea and herbal tea infuser in purchasing the product in small quantities so that does not lose its quality inside the container that contains it . you can find green tea, black tea, bergamot tea, seeds or leaves or berries, star anise, fennel, orange, wild rose, mint, licorice, cinnamon, peach etc ...

Tea, Infusion and Herbal tea - CAFFE' COMMERCIO

Dog Friendly


in the local are accepted all animals and, with the permission of the owner, he was offered the breakfast and consists of bread sticks or flatbread with ham




BAR COMMERCIO SNCpiazza Ferrari 2247921 Rimini RNTel: 0541.21600info@caffecommercio.eu